Susan N. Freeman
Metal Mercy is not about me! But people still want to know about the artist.

Susan has been creating some form of art most of her life. Early on her mother, an accomplished artist, taught and inspired her to create. It started with photography and blossomed quickly. Growing up in her mother's numerous art galleries and attending the mega Art shows of the 70s further instilled the obvious direction. She excelled early on in graphic design and advertising as well, winning awards in every contest entered. Her art has ranged from hand-made cards and invitations, mixed media collages, jewelry made from antique bakelite and celluloid buttons to her current passions with The Recycled Collection including wine barrel stave furniture, license plate art, birdhouses, and the Metal Mercy crosses.

With no formal training with the exception of some childhood private instruction, art class usually consisted of gluing macaroni to a board... She believes it is all in the eye. You cannot train someone to have talent. They either do or they don't - you can only train them how to harness that talent. Similarly, her engineering background did not teach her how to solve problems - but how to harness the ability to use logic to solve those problems. She currently is employed with The Boeing Company as the prime contractor for the International Space Station and regularly writes procedures to build and operate the Space Station.

The Metal Mercy Collection focuses on taking broken, discarded, often ugly items and making something beautiful out of them - just as God does with us! Each cross has a story and a message in addition to the underlying message.

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Susan N. Freeman
SNF Unlimited
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