The Space Shuttle Tribute Bike
by Orange County Choppers

A few chopper lovers here at JSC decided to try and get OCC to build a tribute bike to Columbia. Not all of the families were on board with plan, in fact some were simply "tributed out". Plans morphed into a celebration of the Space Shuttle Program and the engineers that work so hard to fly her. A fitting tribute in light of the future retirement of the Space Shuttles. So the focus turned from Columbia to Discovery and the Return to Flight. ENjoy the photos of the details. Pictures taken at the Ballunar Liftoff Festival. The bike is stowed at Space Center Houston when not on tour.

"Our journey into space will go on". - George W. Bush
The front risers are Solid Rocket Boosters
Amazing detail on the tins by Nubs
Complete with Maine Engines (SSMEs) and Wings
Rear fender is the Space Shuttle Paylod Bay

The bike isn't paid for yet - please contribute.
OCC Shuttle Tribute Bike Site Here

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Susan N. Freeman