My Greatest Adventure
First Tandem Skydive
July 26, 2002

For Kellye’s 30th birthday we decided to finally do it.
Looking out the window at 2000 feet – you are surprised how high up you already are.
At 14000 feet you jump!
The view is incredible and quite peaceful.




The freefall is slowed to 120 mph by a drogue chute.
Otherwise, we would reach 170 mph.


The ground does not zoom towards you,
there is no sensation of falling,
only floating – suspended animation.



At 6000 feet (a mere 65 seconds after you jump),
you watch your altimeter until you reach 5500 feet.
You wave-off and then pull the rip cord.


The chute pulls you up for a few seconds before you start floating down again.
And the canopy portion of flight seems to last forever
as you practice landing, do some turns,
and guide yourself into the dropzone.
See you in the sky!

Thanks to Incubus for the great background sound.
Take the wheel and Drive!

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