Flint Creek



Flint Creek is our summer place in Northeast Oklahoma, just outside of Siloam Springs, Arkansas almost in the foothills of the Ozarks. A couple of cabins on the creek (to you cajuns - that is a camp on the bayou). Although, one is a bit more than a cabin now. Mom and dad spend a lot more time there these days. I spent my summers at Flint Creek growing up. My great grandmother lived there. She had a storm seller (which I might add, crawdads don't live too well on the top of) and a fantastic propane tank I would ride like a horse. While the family that brought us there may be dwindling, we will always have our place. Flint creek eventually runs into the Illinois, at times can be raging, and others just a trickle. The spring floods are QUITE impressive. The fishing is awesome and there is usually a nice deep, hole to jump into somwhere along the bluff if you need to cool off. No place in the world smells quite like it, either - probably the most soothing smell to me. So fresh.

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Susan N. Freeman