Happy Father's Day!

Touchdown Marker from Texas OU game signed by 23 Longhorns



Signatures from Texas OU era when St.Peter led Texas to four wins over OU!


Chuck Johnson

Tony Jones

Tommy Jeter

Todd Ringo

Duane Miller

Mark Berry

Stanley Richard- All American 1st Round Pick by Chargers

Todd Yeaman

Michael Pollak

Stan Thomas- 1st Round Pick by Bears

Jeff Boyd

Stephen Clark

Peter Gardere- QB who led Longhorns to 4 straight wins over OU

Darrick Duke

Todd Smith

Kerry Cash- played for Colts in the NFL

Oscar Giles- Currently coaching for the Longhorns

Johnny Walker- caught the game winning catch in the 1989 Cotton Bowl

Adrian Walker

James Patton

Brian Jones- played 8 years in the NFL

Chris Samuels