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What is the Bottle Cap Project?
An Homage to my Texas Aggie Roots - and a way to help a beloved Texas A&M icon
I am collecting bottle caps (beer or soda) to line a back path in my yard creating my very own bottle cap alley - an homage to celebrate my Aggie roots. Since I won't need many nor have the need to replinish my path without the heavy traffic of my path's namesake, I will box up the extra beer caps and personally deliver them to Bottle Cap Alley in College Station to replinish its dwindling layers.

See the bottom of the page for the address to send your caps! Don't forget the flatrate boxes at the post office... however, no submission is too small!

How did the project come about?
A burning desire and an opportunity to help a great cause!
July 2010 - returning to A&M for a reunion with my old college sorority sisters required a visit to Northgate. Usually when I visit Aggieland for a football game, there are far too many people in town to even attempt an evening at the Dixie Chicken or Duddley's Draw. However - this summer weekend before all the new students start flooding the town we found a fairly quiet (and honesttly, quite awesome) Saturday night at Northgate. A perfect opportunity to rekindle those memories of my early college days... and we had quite a bit of fun playing pool, foosball, darts, washer & hook, and of course... we threw down some bones!

Along with a wonderful evening at my old stomping ground was a visit to bottle cap alley. Of course now, it is "Bottle Cap Alley" complete with signage. But despite the commercialized attention drawn to it, commercialization has gotten the better of it. The addition of hard liquor in the bars and the cease and desist of drinking outside the bar has left Bottle Cap Alley less than stacked with its beloved bottle caps. Along with what might include the bars not even tossing their caps in the alley anymore, years of Corps Fish have raided the stash for their yearly SMU (maybe Tech now) football game spur tradition. Plus, people who have always had a love of the little pieces of artwork can still be found picking up a few that strike their fancy. Several facebook groups have been established to save Bottle Cap Alley - links to the left - however, I do not know the current staus of any of these since I did not see any of the "buckets" anywhere in the bars. And alas, Bottle Cap Alley was rather thin in places with dirt showing.

This has led me to a decision to incorporate a small bottle cap alley on a back path in my yard that heads out to the woods behind my house. I have been really struggling with the material I wanted to use - so this makesa perfect homage to my Aggie roots! I won't need many and won't have to replenish it as much as the official traffic heavy Bottle Cap Alley. So - the extras will be boxed up and hand delivered by myself to Bottle Cap Alley in College Station.

Now, I have always had a love for bottle caps and actually have quite early childhood memories of picking up bottle caps at dad's softball games (I rarely have actual chilhood memories - mostly I remember the pictures I have seen over the years). But I have distinct memories of collecting these bottle caps and keeping them ina softball ball box the guys trashed... mom was none to happy. Although, this may have been my first activity of the Champion Collector I would become! So, as I have always loved bottle caps, I would also like to share with readers some of the caps I may receive - as I am sure some will come with their own stories.

Please see the bottom of the blog for an address to send your caps - and don't forget the flat rate boxes at the post office! However, no donation is too small!

30 July 10
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28 July 10
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I have decided I can get more attention (and therefore more bottle caps) by expanding outside of my facebook friends and going global.

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